Adventure Cave World Giengen 

The Adventure Cave World in Giengen-Hürben offers its young and old visitors a fascinating experience of the Stone Age. The Charlotte’s Cave is one of the longest accessible (587 meters) and famous caves in Southern Germany. Explore the variety of dripstone formations formed about two and a half to three million years ago by an underground river. Innovative LED lightning sets a mysterious scene and brings you back to primitive times when bears were still living in the caves.



The multimedia museum HöhlenSchauLand is designed according to the motto “Fascination Cave-Men-Nature” and offers its visitors a journey through time whilst giving details of the local nature and culture. There are exhibits and replicas of Ice-Age animals, but also the beginning of human culture are set to captivate. You can gain all information about the formation, discovery and opening of the Charlotte’s cave in the opposite located Cave House. There is also a water playground, various resting areas and a family-friendly restaurant.


Opening times: April – October working days 9am – 11.30am, 1.30am – 4.30pm / Sunday and bank holidays 9am – 4.30pm

Address: Adresse: Lonetalstraße 61, 89537 Giengen-Hürben